About Us

Here at Leahys Stone we are a family operated business. We have a small professional team which enable us to deliver consistently high quality products and services to the agricultural, construction and residential sectors for over 30 years.

Through our network of suppliers, we source high quality materials, delivering them to our customers in quantities from 1 Ton to 30 Ton and everything in between.

What we do...

Farm Roadways

We can build farm roads from scratch or renovate existing ones. We can give you a price for Materials or Labour or both. Over 30 years experience building farm roadways of various different lengths and widths.Our friendly, professional and experienced approach ensures that the client is 100% satisfied with work on completion – and most importantly at a very keen and affordable price. Read the detail study carried out by Tegeasc which we adhere to, to make sure we deliver the highest standard farm roadways for our customers.

Decorative Stone Driveways

In a world (seemingly) filled with solid concrete and asphalt driveways, the stone can seem downright quaint. Perhaps that’s because it pretty much epitomizes the idea of quaint. Stone has been used on driveways, walkways, and paths of all kinds for centuries. And, though it makes for one of the least expensive driveway options, a nicely designed and built stone driveway can be the finishing touch to your home!

Stone & Aggregates Bulk 20 Ton +

We supply a full range of quarry materials to both trade customers and the public.

Our wide rang of suppliers enables us to offer our customers a wide range sizes and specifications at the lowest possible price. Our aggregates carry the CE Mark and declarations of performance for every grade of aggregate or fill material.  All our stone products are fully certified, tested and pyrite free, and our concrete is produced to EN206 Standards (European Concrete Standard).

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